WE MUST GO is now available on iTunes!

WE MUST GO is a feature documentary chronicling the journey of the Egyptian National Soccer team and coach Bob Bradley as they fight to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Egypt has one of the richest football histories in all of Africa, but despite its continental success, the team hasn't reached soccer's ultimate stage in 24 years. Now, the Pharaohs and their American coach, as unlikely a pairing as there ever was, have the chance to do more than realize their shared dream of World Cup qualification––they can unite a bitterly divided nation.

Kids from Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy projects and orphans from Sierra Leone's brutal civil war have one thing in common: no one gives them a chance.

Brownstones to Red Dirt, a feature-length documentary tells the story of how these "lost" groups find one another through a pen pal program that not only shapes their lives, but also shows them that even if they can't count on the world, they can count on each other. The pictures capture seemingly average students from Brooklyn and Sierra Leone whose inspirational growth shows that no child's future is predestined.

KEI is a documentary that profiles professional soccer player Kei Kamara, who fled to America as a child refugee when Sierra Leone’s civil war ripped apart his family.  Soccer was his only outlet.  Now, soccer has not only made him a star on three continents, it also gives him a chance to help rebuild the country he loves.

The film was first released as a short documentary, following Kei as he starred with Major League Soccer side Sporting Kansas City and returned home to Sierra Leone for a crucial match with his national team.  But when Kei was snapped up on loan by Premier League club Norwich City, filming resumed.  Now that Kei has made a permanent move back to the US with Major League Soccer's Columbus Crew, production continues.